Rachel Downey, PlaceHolder LLC

Using Vision and Purpose to develop a practical roadmap for destinations.

We believe that successful strategic planning for places starts with the intended audience.
Experience Audit

Experience Audits

Every time people visit your place, they form opinions and memories that influence whether or not they will return. An Experience Audit provides a clear picture of that experience from your visitor’s point of view and identifies the detractors and opportunities for enhancement.


Strategic Place Planning

Envision a better future for your place, develop the step-by-step plan, and enjoy the journey. PlaceHolder guides you through the process of articulating your vision and prioritizing the projects to help you arrive at your ultimate destination.


Stakeholder Engagement

Align staff, stakeholders and influencers around a shared Purpose to simplify decision-making. PlaceHolder facilitates workshops, big and small, and points your team in the same direction for efficient and effective collaboration, including preparing your team to work with an architect or other design consultant.

Shaping Experience through Brand Communication

PlaceHolder’s sister company, Guide Studio, uses branding, marketing and wayfinding to help places with people-traffic bring their visions to life.

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